The loop or the Vortex, Kader Attia, 2015

SUPERCOMMUNITY LIVE: THE CLIMATIC UNCONSCIOUS October 30-31, 2015 Roxy Theatre, Saskatoon The Loop or the Vortex   In 1996, I was living in Brazzaville, in the Congo, for almost four years. I was working with an NGO on cultural heritage. One afternoon, while killing time with my friend Armand, he showed me a dead tree lying on the street, and started to explain that, during the night, this tree would turn into a large Boeing 747. Taking off from this street in a poor suburb of Brazzaville, it would fly into the sky toward Paris, to land there on the…

From the policies of distance to the abolition of spaces, Kader Attia, 2015

PRIZE CEREMONY AND CONFERENCE Presented in conjunction with the exhibition: Abounaddara. The Right to the Image The New School - New York City Introduction : From time immemorial, images have been shaping our thoughts. Before being made of letters and signs, words were images. As Victor Hugo writes in his journey diary “Alpes et Pyrénées” : “Two rivers that flow on each side of a mountain and join at its bottom to make a river draw the letter Y.  “Y” could also be the figure of the man praying with his hands up in the sky…” But these last decades, image has undergone…

The space, another body, Kader Attia

My name is Kader Attia, I grew up between France and Algeria. Until the age of 12, my parents were not decided to stay at the same place. So I was going back and forth between Algeria and France, between an Oriental and an Occidental world. (más…)