The loop or the Vortex, 2015

SUPERCOMMUNITY LIVE: THE CLIMATIC UNCONSCIOUS October 30-31, 2015 Roxy Theatre, Saskatoon The Loop or the Vortex   In 1996, I was living in Brazzaville, in the Congo, for almost four years. I was working with an NGO on cultural heritage. One afternoon, while killing time with my friend Armand, he showed me a dead tree lying on the street, and started to explain that, during the night, this tree would turn into a large Boeing 747. Taking off from this street in a poor suburb of Brazzaville, it would fly into the sky toward Paris, to land there on the…

The space, another body

My name is Kader Attia, I grew up between France and Algeria. Until the age of 12, my parents were not decided to stay at the same place. So I was going back and forth between Algeria and France, between an Oriental and an Occidental world. (más…)